Thursday, June 11, 2009

Dung Beetle: Bug #27

Yeah, that's right.

I did it.
Behold!! The very first (and..... probably last) of some Poop Art.

(Pop art? Poop art? Get it?? HaHAhAHaHHA.)

There are a few common categories of bugs. You've got your charismatic bugs- butterflies, ladybugs, dragonflies. Bugs that everyone loves!
Then you've got what some would consider to be gross bugs- centipedes, praying mantis (Can you believe it!? Some people think they're gross!) and spiders (though they're not actually bugs).
And then there are the bugs that are just silly. Like the dung beetle. These members of the scarab beetle family find piles of animal poop and roll pieces of it into balls. They dig a hole and bury the doodie ball, and the female lays her eggs on it. When they hatch... INSTANT BREAKFAST. That's right, these beetles feed on poop. Lots and lots of it.
Click here to learn all you ever wanted to know about a bug that lives on poop:

"Dung" sounds so innocuous though. I mean, we all know what it is.
It's poop!!!
It would be a lot more hilarious if this bug was just referred to as one of the following:

Poop Bug
Excrement Afficionado
Sultan of Sh#t
Maniac Fecalpheliac
Doodie Roller
Consecrate of Crap

1 comment:

Doris Sturm said...

I like the word

Doodie Roller and I have another one:

Kaka Pusher

(but that sounds more stinky!) Poor beetle, he's got such a hard job and nobody appreciates him, well I do ;-)